Splinterlands | Buying & Leveling More Cards!

Even though Splinterlands right now is in a real depression mode with few new players coming in while many are leaving, I continue to make use to expanding my collection using funds that I earn from within the ecosystem. These are the cards I bought and Leveled recently.

Right now, things are really depressing in Splinterlands as everyone who is invested pretty much sees the value of their card collection drop further down week by week. I'm quite sure that eventually better times will come again and the process of collecting giving me more options and making my deck stronger continues to be enjoyable. So once I again, I used mainly blogging earnings that I'm receiving from these kinds of posts to reinvest into the game while prices continue to become cheaper. This time around I Leveled 3 cards to max Gold League, one to Level 7 common and I also bought a level 1 Riftwatchers card.

Since Packs are the only really liquid reward right now with plenty of them still unopened, they are currently going for just 1.2$ on the secondary market. This has a big impact of prices but at the same time prices will need to go up if Splinterlands the company is going to want to sell the upcoming Rebellion Expansion at 5$ or more a pack.

New & Leveled Up Cards

Ash Mirage Level 1

Fire is pretty good for the rule set where only ranged attack cards can be used since it has 3 cards that are able to attack from 1st position. The Ash Mirage from the Riftwatchers set however has the headwinds ability reducing ranged attack of the opponent with -1 making Fire even stronger in this rule set.At 0.23$ for a common card it is pretty expensive and I only bough a level 1 which already should make quite a impact and help win some matches.

Wave Brood Level 3 > Level 4

The difference in how powerful this card is at level 4 compared to level 4 is quite big but the cost is also quite expensive at 1.75$ a card. Since the extra ability will for sure make some losing battles in winning ones, it will at least partially pay itself back. The upgrade to level 5 which just has 1 health extra isn't worth it for me.

Pelacor Arbalest Level 5 > Level 6

This isn't the most expensive card out there for a strong rare and the difference between 4 health and 5 health was worth the upgrade for me at the small cost.

Djunn Maurat Level 2 > Level 3

The Djinn Muirat along with the River Hellondale are the 2 last Legendary cards from the Chaos Legion set that I needed to get to level 3. The extra Magic Reflect ability that it gets is really useful and the price has come down a lot below 3$ for a single copy. It is really hard to get Legendary cards from packs and I always felt that buying them directly is just way more favorable.

Supply Runner Level 5 > Level 7

This seems to be one of the meta cards as it both has high speed itself while it also gives all other monsters +1 speed. As it is a neutral it can also be played in nearly all decks and I see opponents include it a lot. I never really was convinced on the actual health and attack stats but I can see it being useful in many games also because I like exploring speed decks in general which are plenty of fun. The liquidity of this card was not high and I had to push the price up from 0.079$ to 0.095$ a card just to get enough to level it from Level 5 to level 7. I do aim to get it to level 8 but rather wait for new sell order to be put up so I can get it cheaper compared to just bulk buying it at once.

Upcoming Buys Priority List
My eye right now is on getting my Supply Runner up to Level 8 and start using it more. I also aim to pick up the River Hellondale below 3$ a card and maybe even go for some more expensive older cards like the Phantom Of The Abyss or getting my Axemaster from Level 3 to Level 4 where it picks up the ability to attack from the first place which is useful now more than it used to in the past.


I'm still having a lot of fun playing Splinterlands and prices right now for cards don't feel overpriced. For those reasons along with the fact that it's just fun collecting more, I continue to buy more cards and level them up to make them stronger. There are still a lot more that I want and my aim is to keep blogging and use those earnings to fund these purchases and upgrades...
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