Splinterlands | Aim True Battle Challenge

Things are being changed up for the Share Your Battle Challenge for Splinterlands as from here on out it will be different game rules that will be highlighted. For the first week it is the Aim True Rule...

With the Aim True Game rule, it becomes impossible for monsters to miss their target which makes Speed and abilities like Swiftness and Slow less useful and Abilities like Fly, Dodge, Phase, Blind, and Backfire totally worthless. So basically you don't want to play any cards that have these as their stats come at the cost of these abilities. On the other hand abilities like Poison, Amplify, Cripple, Dispel, Halving, Stun, Torns, Double Strike, ... and becoming stronger because of this game rule. Generally, it's a game rule that I always seem to overlook and not pay too much attention to as playing lower-speed monsters is tricky even if they hit 100% of the time since they attack last. This also shows how powerful speed is. I will however put more attention to it from here on out after this battle challenge.

It's good that I play 2 accounts as I had a rather hard time to get a match where the Aim True game rules were part of. Eventually I got this one in...

So with Aim True, Armored Up and Heavy Hitters game rules combined with only 14 low mana to use, I opted for a Death Deck as I wanted and affordable tank that had self Heal. The Haunted Spirit tends to be a great choice for this as it has 3 attack even at level 3 for a rare card. I filled the rest of my deck with The Uareus which might have not been the best choice as you don't want to play single sneak cards especially when all monsters get armor. The Haunted Sipder with the poison ability I do not regret using though. With 0 Mana left I had still 2 places for 0 Mana Cards in the Furious Chicken and the Corpse Fiend

Splintertools showed a 0% win chance which was quite fair as my opponent both made better choices and also had much higher-level cards. It's the end of the season and I'm playing with my Level 3 Summoners in Gold 1 League which means I'm often facing opponents that simply have better cards. This said, I like this new format and learned a lot from it again!

Full Battle Replay

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