Moments in Time: Quiet Rainy Days Have Their Own Beauty!

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, it's pretty much a given that it's going to rain.

For some, rain is a source of disappointment and sadness, but rain has its own quiet beauty. All you have to do is stop for long enough to notice what is all around you.

Pearls of water hanging from a tiny twig

What can you see, when you get extremely close to a raindrop, hanging from a tree? Your own reflection, upside down?

We rarely get close enough to notice!

Droplets of water, everywhere you look...

Even on this dull gray day, the water droplets glint like diamonds on the branches of our Japanese maples.

What is reflected here?

This tiny twig, with its red bark, almost looks like it is covered with ice. But because not even the slightest breeze stirs the air, the droplets just hang there.

You can also see them on the branches in the background, or at least the idea of them.

The rain gives new life; in the background the prayer flags around our garden

Watching the soft rain is like a meditation, in its own right. It offers a sense of peace and quiet to our cluttered minds.

Thanks for stopping by and looking!

Fall leave Sig.gif

(As always, all photos are my own!)