Caw-caw-caw Kaydee

Beautiful Kaydee.
She's not the only guh-guh-guh girl that I adore, but she's pretty neat.
She's petite.
And sweet.
Even with a pouch full of meats and treats that she eats and do I have a brain tumor?
They say if you can get a brain tumor just in the right spot it makes you rhyme like a motherfucker.
I probably don't have a tumor in the right spot, though, because I ran out of meat rhymes.
But I might have a tumor in the spot that makes me drop all kinds of f-bombs.
It's not Tourette syndrome. I think I just drank too much Sailor Jerry in my 20s.
Don't roll your eyes at me, Kaydee. That was funny.

Caw-caw-caw Kaydee, beautiful Kaydee
You're the only g-g-g-girl that I adore
When the muh-muh-muh-moon shines (yay moonshine!) over the cow shed (not to be mistaken for cow shit)
I'll be waiting at the caw-caw-caw kitchen door.

Here's the song I'm referencing. I modified the spelling of some of the phonetics for very obvious reasons.

Nikon D7500 and Nikkor 300mm and Adobe Lightroom and all my spare time spent befriending crows, in case you were wondering.

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