Who was at 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 #28


Yesterday 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 dished out some !PIZZA🍕, !BEER🍺, and a little !LUV❤️ to a few awesome Hivers!

Who received a slice and a brew?

Amazing Raw Cannabis Smoothie Recipes (Cannabis Edible Recipe)

My New Seeds Popped~Bred By Choosefreedom

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Go show out recent party guests some luv and give them an upvote and maybe another slice of pizza and beer.

Join 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 Curation Trail!

Join 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 curation trail! Every day the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 upvotes, reblogs, and rewards high quality posts. Not just from whales but also up and coming minnows. We make sure to share quality posts from all corners of the Hive community. Our favorites are usually of Splinterlands, food, and travel, but we curate all types of Hive posts.

All of our Hive posts, including our 🍕Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 shares and shout outs, are posted on other social media outlets such as Twitter.

How do you join? Read this post to learn how to join 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 Curation Trail! https://ecency.com/hive-150329/@coolpoolparty/join-the-cool-pool-pizza

Who or what is 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕?

🍕The Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 is the newest super fun time manual curation account on Hive! That's right, manual. That means a human is behind all the upcoming rehives, upvotes, and FREE !PIZZA 🍕, !BEER 🍺, and !LUV ❤️!! 🙋‍♀️

What does 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 do?

🍕The Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 upvotes, rehives (or reblogs) quality posts daily and gives away !PIZZA 🍕, !BEER 🍺, and !LUV ❤️ to our favorite quality Hive posts.

How often does 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 giveaway !PIZZA 🍕, !BEER 🍺, and !LUV ❤️?

🍕The Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 tries to dish out the good stuff at least three times a day.

How often does 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 upvote and rehive?

Usually at least three times a day but amount of rehives may vary. In the end it all depends on how many quality posts 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 finds and decides to share.

Is there a way to be considered for an upvote, rehive, or some free !PIZZA 🍕, !BEER 🍺, and !LUV ❤️?

Of course!
Use the hashtag " #coolpoolpizzaparty" in your posts.
Follow @coolpoolparty and we may follow back, adding you to our timeline feed, which gives you a better chance of 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 seeing our awesome post.

Is there a way to join 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕 and help spread the !PIZZA 🍕, !BEER 🍺, and !LUV ❤️ around?

Do you wanna join 🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕? All the cool Hivers are invited!
Delegate HIVE or Hive Engine tokens to @coolpoolparty and help us boost the upvote value given to our manually curated quality Hive posts.
Donate !PIZZA 🍕, !BEER 🍺 to the party and help us get the ability to giveaway more daily !PIZZA 🍕 and !BEER 🍺.
Donate HIVE or other cryptocurrency, or token to @coolpoolparty
and help us boost the upvote value given to our manually curated quality Hive posts and allow us to buy more !PIZZA 🍕, !BEER 🍺, !LUV ❤️.

Will you stop saying "🍕the Cool Pool Pizza Party🍕"?



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