Trickshot Blitz , A free to Play Game that Rewards for Playing


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Play to earn Games are taking the lead in crypto industry. The concept is widely appreciated and accepted with open arms as earning money while playing the games is really a fun.

In this post i am going to introduce you to a new game known as Trickshot Blitz. It is a multiplayer gameplay build in classic pool format which alows everyone to play for free. Its launched by the joyride Games which has already top class games in crypto.


Trickshot Blitz can be played free and it gives out rewards on daily basis. On each level up the users is rewarded with different in game assets. The in game currency is Rally Token which is build on Ethereum Blockchain.

Trickshot Blitz allow you to challenge other users with rly tokens. There are different challenges and opportunities to earn RLY tokens. There are three main assets that are used to play Trickshot Blitz.

One is the RLY token itself ,the second one are the tickets and thirds ones are free coins. All three can be earned for free by playing the game on daily basis. The game is very interesting and is a great opportunity to earn Rly tokens which is trading on many top exchanges.


I am already playing and have accumulated 200+ RLY tokens. Which can be withdrawn anytime. Btw i have no plans to withdraw yet. Will cash out when it reaches to 2000. Here is the link of the game if you want to try it out.

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