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Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends

LeoThreads is the hot topic These days as everyone is talking about it and getting addicted to it. Myself also loving the Threads on leofinance and creating Threads from time to time. I was less active on Threads but there was a reason for this.

The reason why I was not much active because of the bug for Android devices. Yes many of the android users were unable to create Threads because the Threads creating button was not working for them. And im also one of them. I also have a laptop but i feel easy on my mobile. I think same applies for others.

Many of the users these days use mobile Android devices so everyone was waiting for the bug to get fixed. Finally today the android issue is resolved by the leofinance team. I am extremely thankful for that.

After the announcement came of bug fixes for Android i immediately Tried to create a thread from my android mobile and it went smoothly as you can see in the below picture


Now as the bug is fixed we can expect more people using LeoThreads. This will definitely increase the amount of threads Created on daily basis. Let's keep Threading.

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