LeoThreads Craze and Leo Price Strength

Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends

You must be happy to see your Leo token bag value increased today. The Leo token price increased more than 12% today. Now you maybe thinking what is the cause of this pump in leo price.

Let me tell you the reason, according to my understanding this pump in leo price is due to the recent launch of LeoThreads. This is what my thinking says.

Launch of LeoThreads has created Hype about leo which is why more and more people are interested to know about it. Another reason is that people maybe buying for Lpud.

Well whatever the reason is , it's good for the leo community. The current Threads craze is awesome as everyone is talking about Threads. After the LeoThreads went live the traffic on leofinance website was insane.

All of the Good things happening in Leofinance ecosystem shows the future is Bright. So keep Threading.


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