It's a good time to buy Polycub


Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends.
You may have heard The old saying "The time to buy is when there is blood in the streets" that simply means good time for buying is When everyone seems to have fear.
It is nice to see polycub going up, it has come up to $0.35 from lowest of $0.32. But the current price is still very good to fill in polycub bags.
My best strategy so far is that i am converting my hive engine token earning to polycub, then i am staking them as xPolycub. I am also buying little bit polycub from my trading profit from Binance.
xPolycub staking is simply cool , i just love it. Recently I have moved my stake from farms to xpolycub Staking. That seems to me the most useful investment in the long run.


Those people will be lucky buying polycub right now and there will be many who will buy at the top saying we missed the dip. These people always say to buy the dip but when the dip comes they fear to buy. Risks are part of life Don't be afraid of them.
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Thank you for visiting my content.
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@coolguy222 is a full time crypto trader and content creator on hive blockchain. He loves Drawing and photography.

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