Can Money Solve All Your Problems ?

Money is considered an important part of the human life because we need it to fullfil our basic needs in daily life. The race to get rich is continue in hope that it will solve all problems in the life of a person. While this is not true because money cant solve all problems. However it is also true that money can change your life for a while and it depends on many factors.

Money can solve problems related to Food ,Clothes, transportation , housing and shelter but it is not unlimited for everyone, not for most of us who are living in poverty or middle class people. Over the past years i have observed one thing in my life that one can multiply his/here money but it still may not be enough to solve all the problems..

A person has to make choices that how to spend the money. If he was living in poverty and earn $200k in one year, that will definitely change his life but it doesnt guarantee that you will always be wealthy. You cannot buy everything you need over the passage of time. Income of one year will not change the history for the last 30 years you spent in poverty.


Those people who lived in a poverty for many years will react badly to the money as a result the bills will be huge. One may pay the debt, may go through various therapies and may purchase a car . Hence one year of income will not erase poverty. It is because your money is not unlimited.

Another misconception about rich people is that they dont have problems in life, Which is completely false. They do have problems also ,it maybe different from mine and yours but they do. Their problems are usually biggers than others. If you think you will not have problems if you will get rich then you are completely wrong.

Everyone has problems in life and they grow in a way that if one is handled then the other one arise. I have seen people talking that money can make their mind calm and bring in peace. This is a false statement according to my experience and observation of life. If we consider the above statement true for a minute then how much money is needed to bring peace if mind ?


That will be more than you think, actually it takes less than a minute to empty one,s saving account. For example if one has got himself in an accident or lost a job then it will damage the life of the person forever.

A person that make more money ,he spends more money on things. But its not guarantee that he will keep earning the same amount of money. In short Money will solve most of our problems but will not work for every problem. Money is not a solution of all problems.

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