Little Effort Plus Consistency Birth Success

A popular quote by Robert Collier says “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Many times we tend to rush down or take up large responsibilities towards achieving a certain goal and it slowly way us down or slows our goal cycle. I'm @cleevesh, I'll be sharing with you’ll a mathematical formula that would help achieve either a long-term goal or vice versa.

Many times we tend to take on so many responsibilities so we can achieve a certain goal, either to start a business or to save up for a certain tool to use to start a career to earn a living, but many times we fail to achieve them because of the huge responsibility we carry to achieve this goal. It weakens consistency. I'll be sharing the mathematical formula I'm using to achieve my goals, which is;

LITTLE STEPS + CONSISTENCY = SUCCESS is my ultimate formula for achieving goals, and I'll give my step-by-step explanation of how this can be achieved.

We all know the saying that ” Rome wasn't built in a day” this includes success that leads me to my first little step which is
Intention step these steps are the crucial part of achieving goals if you want to invest in a stock or cryptocurrency you have to be intentional about your decision else you'll suffer loss and it will be regretful so intention steps are important.


It's best to have knowledge of whatever you want to go into so you can know if it's going to be useful for you in the long run.


feedback and help
Obviously, whatever niche or goals you want to achieve there are so many who have achieved it and of course have a broad knowledge of them, so getting feedback from your progress helps you build immersively.


Yes resting is a big factor in the creative process, whatever you're feeling anxious or you're out of ideas you can take a break, and resting of them, it helps calm the nerves and allows the brain relax


These little steps help you reach your goals a lot easier.

With the help of these little steps, as I explained earlier, consistency will be a lot easier. Consistency is intentional hard work with patience and without this, it is almost impossible to achieve your goal.

In a nutshell, to get your desired success you have to go slow and steady, and by doing that you need these little steps and then CONSISTENCY.

Until I see you next time remain blessed, thank you for reading.