What would a black and white world look like?

During a walk in the city park, I took some photos that aroused my interest the most. Color images evoke positive, relaxing and pleasant feelings to observe. But what emotions would the same black and white photos arouse? Using a simple photo retouching program, I removed the color from my photos and the result is quite impressive.



The appearance of the park avenue has definitely changed: from being a sunny place full of colors like the green of the plants, it has now become aseptic, it looks like the setting of a horror movie from the 60s. Yet this aspect makes the photos strangely more interesting and underlines some details that I usually don't notice, such as the perspective and depth or the peculiarity of the tip of the leaves, they look like many small claws.



Other details such as a lamp post with broken glass or a marble column, elements that in themselves have no relevance, but the gray scale makes it interesting. The more I look at that lonely street lamp, the more I fall in love with this photograph. Everyone will be able to see what best represents: a simple broken street lamp or a different, isolated, wounded, sad figure. And what do you see in this photograph?



The drama of a bird that no longer flies for its advanced age and that lies there, hidden in a bush and that occasionally approaches timidly. The most dramatic photo I have taken but nature has a moment for everything and the end of a life is only a part of life. My son kept pointing to the bird that walked slowly and that at the slightest suspicion took refuge in his hiding place.

In the park there is a stone structure with a small bridge, a play object for my son who continues to pass through it for countless times. In black and white this arch instead transmits loneliness, abandonment, the absence of colors captures the positivity, but this is not something that I regret because in negativity I find the most positive aspects


Finally a close-up of a tree that I really like, I love trees in general, and this photo makes me nostalgic because as a child I had so much fun climbing on it, or at least I tried without success. It is a photo linked to my past and the black and white colors frame my emotions very well.

Each photo is a piece of ourselves, I am convinced of it and I like to share it with others. We are a unity community and I love sharing these photos with you.

Thanks for reading my post


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