Wedding Weekend: food, friends, dance and more food

A weekend full of party and food to celebrate the wedding of a copy of friends who, after several postponements due to Covid, should have married last year, finally managed to get married, organizing a beautiful party. Wedding is always a day of great celebration for the guests and of great stress for the newlyweds. Those who have married know what it means to organize a wedding and there is no respite even on the day of the party. But perhaps it is a small obstacle already useful to test the solidity of the couple!

The event took place in a huge villa, for years it has been the venue for wedding celebrations and more, and it is a truly magical and enchanting place, especially in the evening when the lights transform the structure into a small magical park. Every detail is always well taken care of, from welcoming guests to table service, from the decoration of the rooms to the cutting of the wedding cake. Nothing is left to chance and even the unexpected are always well managed, with prefessionalism and education.




Well said that, food is always the element of universal judgment: if the food is good then the party was a success. Here in southern Italy there is a true tradition of marriage, understood as the queen of parties and food is the central element: over the years, the quality has reached ever higher levels and the elegance in the presentation of the dish has become now a fundamental element. I personally don't pay much attention to appearance but I focus on taste and quality. Despite everything, it is quite simple to disguise an ugly dish with some decorative element. But this must not compromise the quality. Here are some photos of the dishes that were served to us, really aesthetically beautiful and I can guarantee you that they were really very good.




The courses, however, are usually interrupted by moments of dancing that have two main functions: to help the digestion of the guests and allow the staff to prepare the other courses. I'm not a great dancer, in fact I don't like to dance but my son has a lot of fun and I follow him in his bizarre movements! Although he is only one and a half years old, he has an inexhaustible energy. In fact, when maybe a little tiredness slumped you on the chair or his sofa, he would take you by the hand and pull you up. The party was still far from over!



We continued to follow these rhythms for a few hours, food and dance, food and walk, food and food. Yes, you cannot rebel against the system but you are slowly absorbed by it. The day is long and tired and women at some point put away their heels to wear more comfortable, sporty shoes or even remain barefoot. After several hours from its inception, the party is over. The time of the last wishes, the last toast and the tasting of the wedding cake. A handshake here, a hug there and you go home. Exhausted but happy.


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