A sunny winter afternoon

The weather is changing, the mild anomalous days of these holidays are giving way to a colder and rainy climate that is gradually falling on the territory. I took advantage of the good weather to savor some fresh air and look at the sea, it relaxes me a lot and helps me not to think but to enjoy only the moments I am living. This is where I grew up with my old friends, a beautiful group of little guys with the desire to have fun, unaware of what it means to be big, have a family and be responsible.



Things have changed, near the beach a kiosk was born which in summer is an American bar that attracts thousands of young people but in winter it remains a semi-abandoned place. A monument that always remains fixed is this mini caravan, transformed into an American bar during the active period of the restaurant but an unattended means of display in winter. It is an ageless piece of furniture in my opinion and whether there are people or not, it is always very nice to see.




A veranda overlooking the sea, a beautiful view especially when you are alone to enjoy it, without the murmuring and chattering of others, admiring the seagulls anxiously awaiting a little food and a little rest. From the rocks a spring of freezing water blooms which immediately mixes with the sea. Nature takes everything back, it is nice to see grass or small plants being born from the coves of the rock, a beautiful hope for those who believe that they will never be able to emerge in a world as difficult and hard as stone.




The stretch of sea is called the blue cave due to the presence of an arch that forms a cave overlooking the blue Adriatic sea, an enchanting place if it were not for some villain who has smeared the walls, thinking he is a street artist . The sea water reaches over the rocks, especially on days of strong storm and it is a bit dangerous to walk in these moments. The sun begins to set and the light hits the branches of the trees and makes them particularly alive, despite the absence of leaves.




summer is getting closer and closer, although we are still in mid-winter but it is evident how the air you breathe is different, the beautiful days are also a strong sign. I love spending some time here because I retrace my adolescence in a bit, every stone I see reminds me of a piece of the past. I will also be nostalgic but I see a lot of tenderness in everyone I find and I am happy with how we spent our time.

I will come back more often to see these places, they are part of my life and they are also a happy piece of me


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