Why not hold. Trading can be frustrating sometimes.



By early December 2021, I bought some potential coins and my thought was that I would make some good profit on them before the end of January. With the vibes made in the market, I wasn't so skeptical about my decision

I saw some of the coins do 2x, and some 4x, but because of the analysis I did, I was expecting like 5000% growth. All my investment was a little above $200, so I wanted a huge profit on those coins. I see them go up and down on a daily basis and I never worry about it

But after Christmas, all the tokens fell like a sagging breast. I couldn't believe my eyes. It would go back up. That's how coins behave because of their volatility, I said to myself. I kept seeing them going further bearish

At a point, I needed some cash and I was broke to the core. I checked the market and I could not touch a single coin. If I sell, it's a great loss. What did I do? I left all the coins in my trust wallet and take off my eyes. I use some of the coins to mine other coins too, so I left everything to keep doing their magic

Now, some of them are picking, and the account has started growing back. If I had tampered with it, I would be like, why did I touch it

Trading can be frustrating sometimes, but when you hit the right target, it's the best that would have ever happened. All in all, patience is important when trading no matter the kind of trader we are

I hope the bullish trend would continue.

Thanks for reading.

This is ckole the laughing gas.

One love.

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