Windy Day For Drying Clothes


This is how my day was today. I was busy all day today cleaning the house and still got time doing the laundry. It was a manageable load but I felt tired. Now that I am already about to go to bed I thought that I would do my favourite stress reliever. That is doodle. I was looking for a nice theme to doodle then I thought I would doodle about my day. I wash clothes and drying them under the sun seemed like a good idea to draw. This doesn't come with a line drawing or plan I just doodle and doodle until I got no space left to scratch. I just go for it and if I make mistakes it is so easy to add random details. Take a look at the cat and mouse running. This is not a part of the idea. When I finish the potted plant behind the female character, I noticed that the plant is leaning a bit I didn't want to erase it because I like how it looks. So I drew the cat and mouse chasing each other near the said plant to justify why it is awkwardly angled 😁. In the end I think I was able to remedy that mistake quite well. I got to be quick to think otherwise I would not be able to finish this and stopped. Oh boy I am glad I took that risk. It was kind of trial and error but you need to be careful too to calculate each stroke that you make to avoid getting frustrated. Like I said this helps me forget about stress. I didn't realise that 15 minutes is over yes that is the time it took me to finish this art. Hope you like it.

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gif courtesy of doze