The man who was one with the sea



"The sea has always been my inspiration, from my past as a fisherman to today that I am a world fighting champion, the time when I was one with the powerful waves I will never forget." These were the champion's words when asked about his fighting strength at his pre-fight conference.

The next day:

-Hey Mike, what do you think? - asked his trainer

-I'm a little distracted lately, I remember those first years and how I got here, it has been really exciting, but there are many sacrifices I had to make," he answered.

After that, a silence overshadowed the waiting room where they were, his trainer came out to get some air while Mike, observing the horizon, began to remember.

-Why the rush Mad?" he heard as he ran, "I'm going to the sea, there is a strong rumor of a storm and I have to help my father who is there," he replied.

When he arrived where his father was, he could see a rough sea that moved the yachts from one side to the other, besides that the anchor that kept his father's ship afloat was about to break loose.

Father! Mike exclaimed loudly, "Where are you?" As there was no answer, he quickly approached and noticed that many tools were not in their proper place, so he deduced that his father had thrown himself into the sea to try to tie up the yacht and not be thrown by the waves in case he lost the anchor.

Mike did not think twice and dived in search of his father, but he did not find him. Moments later, he noticed that his father was trapped in the middle of a net that was loose between two yachts, he instantly went to help him, when he arrived at the place he realized that untangling his father would be a matter of life or death, because the force of the waves was about to make the yachts collide with each other.

Mike's father reacted when he saw him, but there was not much he could do, he could only hope to be rescued. When Mad was cutting the nets, the most feared thing happened, a wave hit the yacht and threw it towards them, everything seemed lost for both of them, but Mad quickly climbed on the tip of his yacht and with all his strength he tackled the ship that was coming towards them with both legs, managing with this impulse to change its direction and release the net that held them together.

After this he took his father home, who told him that the move he made to save him was spectacular, that he should put his strength to better use, because being a fisherman was just a job, he could also do other things.

Years passed and Mad Mike began to fight, those words that his father told him at that time he never forgot, and as he was fighting he realized that everything he learned at sea with his father was the secret of his strength, of his unorthodox but quite effective movements.

When he became a professional, his father accompanied him to his first fight, which he won with his powerful tackle, the same one he used that day to save their lives. That moment was special for both of them, his father died within months of that event and Mike was nicknamed "The Maritime Monster in honor of his past.

Just at that moment, his coach burst into the room and told him: Hey Champ, it's time to kick ass, let's fight.

After these words, he stood up, looked at the horizon once again, took his title and walked out the door towards the fighting ring, his smile was on his face, and a few tears of gratitude came out of his eyes as he walked towards the ring.

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