$ARCHON September 2021 Staking and Mining Report

A post for those who like dry data about $ARCHON

  • Current ARCHON Balance Staked : 31.17208335
  • Current ARCHONM Balance Staked : 1

Hive Engine Tools rewards data from the last 30 days :


Stake: 30.411 ARCHON

Effective Stake: 30.411 ARCHON

Token Price: 0.111 Hive

Stake Value: 3.376 Hive

Effective Stake Value: 3.376 Hive

Rewards/day (Mean): 0.01 ARCHON

Rewards/day(Median): 0.01 ARCHON

Hive/day: 0.0

USD/day: $0.0 USD

Annual Return: 11.75%

Total ARCHON Staking Percentage : 0.01%

Why the data?
To show others and more importantly Hive and Actifit noobs what they can earn passively from staking and curating posts from the Archon community, and other tokens on the Hive Engine.

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