One factor in life that is never redundant or stagnant is CHANGE. We see changes in every aspect of life ranging from technology, fashion, all form of systems and structures.

Have you ever sat down to think of why things don't just remain the way they are forever? I mean, what's the need for change or upgrade when sometimes we already feel very comfortable?🤔

Imagine, there was a time when buying and selling of goods were done through trade by barter. I mean, at that time, some people felt it was the only and best option available but fast forward to date, we have upgraded to using currencies and even have e-commerce transactions.
I bet that during this period, some people would have complained and fought against the change. Some would have even criticised the changemakers and rained curses all because they felt embracing change was the end for them.

The World keeps moving. Change is constant

The same goes for us personally, sometimes we become too comfortable with that particular job, source of income, skill, knowledge, environment that we most times forget to always be prepared and adapt quickly to changes. We forget to always notice changes and end up obsolete.

Let me share my experience here for a better understanding 👌

I went out to an accessories store last week here at my University to fix my laptop and get the price for a new dual-cell battery. Fortunately, I was wearing my blue overall jumpsuit meant for Engineering students here in my School when I met this Aged man standing close to the accessories store. He wasn't looking too good so I first felt pity for him when he approached me.

Eager to hear all he had to say, I gazed at him with a sharp smile. He quickly asked if I was an Engineering student and then told me that I am part of those who decided to ruin his business and kill his bright future. I was shocked and lost in thoughts.

While I was still trying to wrap my head around his confusing accusations, he quickly pointed to the accessories store and said that if computers had not been invented, he would have been a very rich man by now. He said this with spite and bitterness but I still couldn't understand.

He started bragging about how he had a store full of typewriters and how he could type very fast. He talked about how much he made in a day and how he built his house and got married from his typewriting business.

He started shouting and cursing in different languages so I couldn't help but let him be.

This man's accusation got me thinking for days, I couldn't help but wonder what went wrong and how he missed it🤔
I still wonder how he could not switch easily from using typewriters to computers since he already had great typing skills 🤔

Now, come to think of how his story is similar to millions of people out there, who instead of adapting to changes and keeping up with the latest trends in their fields decided to give up and blame the world for their ignorance.

As humans, we all have that one thing that is most important to us, that nourishes us and makes us happy. It can be that job, that loving relationship, security, good health, vacation, family and many others but finding them demands a lot of understanding and adaptation to the latest trends and changes.

If wishes were horses, beggars won't ride.

My curiosity on this subject matter led me to read a book titled "Who moved my cheese" by Spenser Johnson. Cheese in this book refers to better lasting jobs, sources of wealth, good security, good health and many others. It basically means what makes us happy and fulfilled.
I learnt a lot about understanding Change, adaptation and management.


  • Good Instinct:

For us to know there is a change in the first place, we need to have an eye for change itself. Look out for new ways you can improve things and be alert.
Also, Pay attention to what is happening around you.

Question the status quo and be hungry for more.

  • Be flexible:

Most times, the problem lies in not accepting that changes have happened because we choose to be rigid. That is, we have decided not to adapt to new changes hoping that this new change won't last but the truth is, Change is constant and will always happen no matter what.

Don't over-analyse or complicate things, accept that situations have changed and embrace change. Don't dwell on what was.

  • Association and teamwork:

Good association has proven to help people accept changes quickly especially among associates and team members of like minds.
It's important to have friends and partners who are also growth centred. This way, everyone gets carried along and can learn new trends and changes in their collective fields.

Also, it's important to have mentors in your field. Mentors are people with enough experience and exposure. Having them close will help you get updates and the latest trends.

A day with a mentor is better than a thousand days spent alone.

  • Avoid Fear of the unknown:

Fear clouds our judgement and can spark negative questions and thoughts.

At the other side of fear lies freedom and many possibilities.

Fear says that there is a Lion out in the street and keeps us from reaching that full potential. Accept that the unexpected can happen, pick yourself up and get back on the right course.

  • Mindset on Change:

This is a very important factor because no matter how much we are forced to change if we have a different perspective or view, it won't be possible.
A friend once told me that "Change starts from within before it bears fruit on the outward"

Having a positive mindset about change itself enhances positive growth.

So, my questions are: What do you see? What would you do differently if you weren't afraid? Do you see change as the End or a new beginning?

What's Next?

Finally, after carefully considering all the factors above, what's next?🤔

The sure next thing is to have a strategic working plan and keep pushing for excellence. If it requires going back to learn and improve that particular skill to adapt to changes, take that step. Quit complaining and stop hoping that changes won't happen.

Go back to your drawing board with this new understanding that changes will always happen. Learn to savour changes and move quickly.

I look forward to a new level of growth in our respective fields. Cheers to new levels 🥂

Much love😍


I am @chosenfingers, a young Nigerian studying Mechatronics Engineering, your favourite blogger, content writer, love doctor 🤗 and friend. My main purpose here on Hive is to impact as many as possible with the right knowledge through mind-blowing, educational content. I hope my blog reaches people far and near!

Please don't forget to share on any platform and reblog. Much love😍

Discord: chosenfingers#7582


Man this is really beautiful.
Nice write ups.
Change is constant we just get to adapt to the changes to survive.


Great. Change is constant.


Yes man.

Change is constant so we must embrace it and learn always.

Much love😍


Lovely write up Brother, Adapting to any Situation will always bring Changes


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Change would always happen so the important thing to do is make sure the change is positive and not negative.

I am so grateful for my change because I can't even how I would be now if I had the same mindset as years back.