Last 1 Month for Market Recovering!


There are lots of good signals for market recovering. I can see that market will begin to recover in a month..

Are you buying the fear?

I shared lots of Bitcoin charts in a few days ago. Now Lets look other market charts..


Here is DXY Index chart. There is amazing negative divergence in this chart. DXY will go down. It is most possible move for DXY and Market may have a relief..

Ekran Resmi 20220621 23.28.18.png

There is amazing downtrend in NASDAQ. It will be ended in a month! We may see the last down wave, maybe we will not see a wave. We may be on the bottom...
We should wait to see the breaking up of weekly downtrend in RSI Indicator.

Ekran Resmi 20220621 23.35.28.png

I am very possitive for the market. We will see good days in August...

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