lavine and laura


Lavine was a guy born into privilege and a wealthy home, his father is a business tycoon that has a multi-million dollar company, due to the privilege and advantage he grew into, he never took the things of life serious, the only thing he knows how to do was taken photos, he was the only child of his parent, he was to be enrolled in a collage but his scored was not up to the required grade, and they were only one spot left in the admission list, they is this girl name Katharine, but her friend called her Kate for short. Because she was not privileged as Lavine, she had to study day and night to gain a scholarship into the same college, the only spot that was left by merit should be for Kate, but the father wanted his son to graduate and possibly took over the company from him, he had to buy the only spot that was left, in so doing Kate was not fortunate to be enrolled to a school that year, but the next year she was admitted to the same school.
Years passed, he wasn’t able to keep up with his grade, so he had an extra year, where he met Kate, every single day she was always upset with him, but being a son of a wealthy man, nothing mattered as long as the money goes round, his colleagues back in school are doing well in the outside world, but not so much for Lavine, at his final paper in school after many parties, on his way home he met this girl who is new in town searching for a job.
They talk for a while and meanwhile, he was with his camera, he ask for her name and she say, Laura, he manage to take a photo of her, at first she was afraid and felt insecure, but later she was ok with him, he took her to the heart of the city, and the beauty of the city at night was pretty and glowing, and he offers to take her out and show her more of the city since she is still new in town. At first, it was hard for her to find a job, but after three weeks she got a job in a newspaper company as a reporter and later a writer, and rent an apartment which Lavine showed her.
Lavine was comfortable spending his father’s money not thinking of starting something or getting a job, his dad ask him to come and work for him, a week into the job he was tired because he wouldn't have the luxury of time like before and everything seems off to him and things weren’t what he thinks it’s, then he quit the job, the father was angry with him they quarrel and he left the house.
He wants to a bar to drink as normal to forget what transpired between him and his dad, after which he wants to pay the bills, but his card was rejected twice, and later discovered that his dad his canceled all the cards, his allowance and even told him to leave his house, by then he knew that he is in serious trouble, lucky for him Kate was there celebrating her new job, who help him in paying the bills, but she was still angry at him, he thanked her, then he asks what has he done wrong that she hated him, then she narrated the how she struggles to gain a scholarship to school, and the one time she has it, his father bought the spot.
Then the only person left for him to turn to was laura, who offered him accommodation for a while, weeks one, two, and three, he was still living a life of spoils rich kid, waking up late, leaving the house dirty, and the rest, the only thing he does is to take pictures of nature and humans on the street, week four living with her, she was fed up with his attitude, then she told him that the only way she will still accommodate him, is if only he got a job, she arrange an interview with her boss in her company, the boss loves the characters and the story behind his picture, so he was employed,
after gotten the job his life changed completely, he becomes responsible, he pays attention to details, he cook and ensure he arrange the house, due to the change she saw in him, she fell in love with him but never told him, his first pay-check he took it to his dad, the father look at him and smile, that was the first time the father was ever proud of his son, even when the son, refuse to work for him but he is doing something worth-while with his life.
After he and his dad has reconciled when he was about to go home, she was so angry at him, he won't know the reason why, when he got home and start thinking of the times they are together and the little things that happened between them, then he discovered that she is in love with him, and he goes back and looks for her and that how Lavine and laura become lovers.


lavine and laura


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