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Creativity is an essential element and basic tools a country or an individual needs to grow, most developed country in the world allows an atmosphere for creativity.
Being creative is not just bringing things into reality but also building your mind and your thought, if the mind is free it creates room for creative thinking and ideas.
Champions are creative thinkers, they are goers they are always looking and finding ways of doing and bringing new things into existence. The atmosphere is an important factor, if your immediate surrounding don’t allow or give room for innovation even your creative and distinguished ideas will be put to waste.

Factors that kills creativity

1.Atmosphere (surrounding)

The atmosphere is one of the important factors that kills creative thinking, surrounding where their major operation are not aligned with the basic necessity of nature and humans needs, an atmosphere where the majority of the people are into drugs and scams, the chances of a creative mind and creative ideas to come from that atmosphere is very little, the chance is almost impossible, because everything around those people doesn’t give room for divine ideas, what they will be thinking of is more of what the atmosphere present to them.

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2.Unconscious activities

Unconscious activity as the name implies are things that are built in us without our knowledge, this could be the kind of song we listen to, the things we see, and also the things we hear from conversations.

  • The song we listen to
    The type of song we sing and listen to is registered in our mind, if you listen to music with the wrong lyric it will register in your mind, and what is in our mind is directly proportional to our outcome, you will agree with me that when you have listened to a particular song for a while, at some point, even when you don’t want to sing it, it starts playing in your head, and you will be reciting the lyric, so if we listen to the wrong lyric, it will build up wrong ideas to the mind, and the mind is where all the creativity begins.

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  • What we see
    They is this saying ’ you learn more by just watching’ 2017 while I was in port Harcourt working they is this route I constantly pass, almost every day, while passing I don’t pay intention to it much, because I’m always inside the car operating my phone, but to my greatest surprise, I know every single details around that area, the people, what they do, the colour of their shop, and the rest, all these things are register into my head unconsciously, without making research and paying intention to details while I’m on the vehicle.
    So imagine what I do see are wrong and negative things, it will create a negative ideology in my mind.

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  • What we hear
    I don’t think this happens to everyone but it is also a factor that can kill creative thinking, and this happens to me all the time, I do learn more from the conversation than I do when I’m alone, so when I‘m in the midst of people taking, I talk less and listen more, I guess that why it happens to me all the time, after a group conversation maybe four to five person involve, when I get home I will realize that almost 90% of everything they said I remember what they say, and exactly how they say it, so if what they said was completely rubbish I have successfully gained 90% rubbish in my mind, it doesn’t happen to everyone but it also a factor that can kill creativity thinking and creativity mind.

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3.Cultural believe

Cultural beliefs happen more in Africa, they is this mentality we Africans have, that a child is still small to do something of value to his surrounding, the atmosphere doesn’t allow it, an example was my landlady she was like guy you are still small to get married, you are just 25 what do you know about marriage, then I reply her that, did marriage have any handbook, what you can only access it when you are thirty and above, they think that you are too small for new dimensions, just like in the united states of America, most of the NBA players got married at the age of 21-24, and they are currently doing well, in China, some of the innovation we admired today are created by teenagers, people that aren’t even up to twenty years of age. Creating and inventing things that are blessing their nation, but here in Africa, Nigeria to be precise they will still say you are small.

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4.Jack of all and master of none

Most people including myself in the past think that the way to success is by hard work, which is entirely true, but in this era, you don’t just work hard you also work smart, I do think that when you put your hand on multiple things is when you will become successful or at least guarantee your success.
I don’t know that it only divides my attention, instead of focusing on a particular thing and growing in it, wealth is not a get rich quick scheme, but growth in the process so doing multiple things will only attract and recycle the same result, as in life everyman has his allocation, and if you don’t find you allocation you will continue to run in a cycle.
So trying to do multiple things at once will only reduce your creative thinking because it will divide your mind into multiple section?

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5.Giving up easily

Many people have a wrong interpretation of things or how wealth is generate a lot of people think that if they start dong something their one or two months, they will be expecting too much so if they start creating something if it doesn’t give the desired outcome in a few months, they will quit and move to the next, not k owing that things don’t just come it is built.
A lot of people don’t want the building process, they only want the building, and an example is here on the hive.
I have seen an account that was created a few months before mine, but in like six months does account has not been active, maybe the mindset is that if they started hive in a few months they should have seen evidence that will sponsor their conviction to remain here on hive. But since it has to turn out not to be the way they expect, that is why they quit and move to the next. So giving up easily also kills creative thinking.

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Stress is one of the basic factor that also kills creativity thinking or creating thinker, they are mental and emotional stress.
Mental stress
Mental stress also kills or reduces our creativity thinking stress from work, stress from families, and the rest,
Mental stress is one of the basic factor because it has to do with psychology and when one is not in his normal state of the mind he will not only pollute ideas, but it can also cause a hazard to his immediate surrounding.

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Emotional stress
Emotional stress usually occurs when constantly nagging or having heart break from a loved once or spouse, and when someone makes a decision when he/she is emotional stress it only recycle pain, and nothing that comes forward will be productive.

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