Another entertaining movie from the SKYDANCE PRODUCTION in cooperation with the MAXIMUM EFFORT/21 LAPS ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTION, its more of technology and time travel and super entertainment, trust me on this one I wished it came in series so I could enjoy the entertainment for a while but too bad its not in episodes and I don’t thinks any other season would be produced.

I was so motivated when I saw that Ryan Reynolds was the antagonist, wow, I felt more excited about the movie because I have seen a few movies he acted and how he made it so interesting, Ryan who is featured and how he made it so interesting.
Alright guys👫 its time for me to introduce you to the top important casts.

RYAN REYNOLDS is one of my best and most entertaining movie actor, he’s good at being funny and at the same time taking a cast full of actions, in this movie he took the main and essential cast The Antagonist, he was featured as the big Adam, he's a guy who channeled all his efforts towards correcting the past via time travel, time travel was actually invented by his late father in intentionally, he's late dad was playing with some science theory which latter turned out to be real.

He's aim was to travel back in time (ie, to the past) and save his late wife who was killed by his dad's coworker, her name is👇👇

CATHERINE KEENER, she was featured as MAYA SORIAN the protagonist, it was her who Adam's wife, she played a major role as the protagonist, she was also the one who latter actualized time travel and latter broke the laws guiding time travel.

At first she was a good and kind person even to Adam at his early age, but after the death of his father she realized she would lose all she had invested into their partnership, she latter discovered that the project which was called the Adam project turned out to be real and she tock advantage of it.

MARK RUFFALO, who was featured as LOUIS REED Adam dad who latter died in a cat accident as at when Adam was 10 years old, he was the one who unknowingly invented time, he showed up at the ending period of the movie when the big Adam had no plans on how he would defeat his greatest enemy Miss Maya, but anyways he also needed the help of his younger self to start the time jet because he was wounded.

Alright guys👫, let me drive you through the storyline(just a little bit)

It all started 2050, where the big Adam was trying to run away in a stolen jet (but I would kind of say he borrowed it because it was meant to be his), he was trying to go back to 2018 where his dad died so that he could stop time travel, but all he was doing was to prevent many things that happened in his present time including the death of his wife.

At the process of all that struggle he got himself injured meanwhile the time jet needed his fingerprint to operate and it would seaz to work if he's injured, so due to the complications he landed in 2022 where his younger self was 12 years old and he needed his younger self to start the time jet so that he could complete his mission.

At the end Adam and his younger self decided to go back in time to 2018 because they had know plans but they knew their father would probably have one, you would love to see how the younger Adam is frightened in the time jet, I guise it's because he's not used to it , sometimes its good if we try doing thing in the way we are not used to so that we would adjust and flow with all.sides of life.


I would say in my own opinion it doesn't exist, its only for entertainment sake, I don't really believe it actually exist but I would say the movie was just being fictional.


I would give a toms up👍👍✌to the producers of this movie, the techniques used to produce are super amazing and the technology involved are just perfect as it suites the nature of the movie.

All pictures were gotten from the screenshot of original movie video