[WE119] I Felt So Stupid!

This weekend was quite an unfortunate one. Infact, the worst had happened to me🙂.

This weekend my phone fell in the toilet and I was so terrified because it's something that I never even imagined would happen to me in my whole lifetime😩.
And unlike other stories I've heard regarding this occurrence, I just feel like mine has to be the stupidest🤦.


It all happened on that late Saturday night, I had earlier gone to bed feeling so exhausted from all the day's work.
I didn't even bother to have my dinner, I just went up to my room, collapsed on my bed without even taking off the clothes I had on and before I knew it, I had dozed off😴.

After what felt like a few minutes, I opened my eyes again. I quickly picked up my phone to check the time. ' 2:00 AM??...damn!😱' I screamed in my head.
I never planned to sleep for that long because there was still a lot of work I had to get done before dawn.

I quickly got up and I felt like my bladder was going to explode, that was probably the reason why I had woken up at that hour. I hadn't felt so pressed in ages.
Everyone was asleep and everywhere was dark and quiet.

I turned on the flash light on my phone and headed for the bathroom trying to walk really slowly because my bladder was so filled up that I felt pain with every step I took.

I got into the bathroom and opened the toilet. Before I could ease myself, I started hearing some mysterious noises coming from behind one of the buckets. Now I got really frightened. "What the hell was that😶?" I said to myself. That was really wierd, of course I was the only one I the bathroom. Then I flased my phone's torch at the direction where the sound came from.

Lo and behold, a gigantic rat🐀 of what almost seemed to be larger than the size of my foot suddenly hopped out of behind the bucket and ran in between my legs with full speed. I screamed!!😱.


I jumped higher than I've ever jumped in my entire life which was really just pointless🤦 because it was incredibly fast!

I've always been a scaredy cat when it comes to sudden occurrences like that and my friends would occasionally tease me about it😅.

"What in the world is a rat that big doing in our house?" I couldn't help but think.
But I guess there was a whole bigger problem to worry about😩...

My phone had left my grip and landed in the toilet! "No...No...No! This can't be happening" I cried😭. At this time, I totally forgot about the rat. The flashlight which had been on all along suddenly went off.

Now I realized I could have just turned on the lights in the bathroom from the very beginning and not have to bring my phone with me, gosh I felt so stupid😭.

Feeling so frustrated, I quickly submerged my hand into the toilet and pulled out my phone which was now dripping wet. This was something I never thought would ever happen🤢.
Well, what could I have done? I knew my phone was far from being waterproof.
Luckily for me, I hadn't peed yet and I always kept my toilet clean.


I tore out a lot of toilet paper, removed everything removable from the phone and began to wipe it dry.
Thoughts of loosing my phone forever continuously raced through my head😟, I mean I had a lot of important stuff I haven't even thought of backing up in there.

When I was sure I had completely dried the phone with the toilet paper, I left it in front of an electric fan through the night.
Then the next morning, I turned it on and to my surprise, everything was working fine😀. I was so relieved and I swore to myself to never take my phone into the bathroom again😂.

This is my first entry to @galenkp's Weekend-Engagement Concept and this post is in response to [WE 119].


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😂😅 I avoided this prompt because it's too terrifying to even imagine 😩... God knows I would've done worse if I was in the bathroom with that rat. Not only will my phone fall inside the toilet but my whole body as well 😂💔.

I'm glad you finally joined the concept. Welcome bro!

Nice entry 👍💕.


Lol🤣🤣🤣... Thanks a lot sis! I'm glad you enjoyed it❤️.