Chamomile bath with guava tincture

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with all the members of this community a chamomile and guava tincture bath to control skin rashes due to allergies.


I have a 14 month old baby girl, she is part of the COVID generation since she was born when we were in the middle of the quarantine in the whole world, we live in Cuba in the province of Camagüey. After the birth, I was in the hospital for 8 days under observation, I am an oncology patient and I needed to be under surveillance. Fortunately everything went well for the baby and for me. Since we arrived home, which is in an urbanization on the outskirts of the city, we could not leave the house again because the COVID infections were getting worse and worse.

We lost many friends and neighbors. We were afraid to open the door of the house, so the baby and I stayed indoors without visitors or going out. Today the situation is different, the contagions are less and less and in our urbanization no cases have been reported for more than 15 days so we started to go to the park (with all the biosecurity measures) but we have been able to leave the house and feel calm.

The baby had never seen plants before, so her reaction was to reach out and touch the leaves of all the plants. I thought it was fine, she doesn't mistreat the plant, she just stares and touches the leaves.


I thought it was cute because she seemed to embrace nature.

But when we got home my husband and I noticed that I had a rash. The next day we took her to see the pediatrician and she told us it was an allergic contact reaction.


The rash is on the legs and arms.


My concern led me to resort to natural medicine, I bought guava tincture at the pharmacy some time ago. And I always have dried chamomile for infusions. With these 2 ingredients I prepared a bath as follows:

Step 1: I put in a pot 500 milliliters of mineral water and some dried chamomile branches.


Step 2: I added 30 milliliters of guava tincture (2 tsp).


Step 3: Cover and bring to a boil over high heat. When it boiled for 3 minutes, remove from heat and let stand.


Step 4: In a basin I prepared the baby's bath. When it was warm, I left her in the water for 10 minutes.


For the baby it was a play bath as she found some chamomile flowers and they became her bath toy.

At the end of the 10 minutes I took her out of the water, without applying soap or any other product, with the intention that the chamomile water and guava tincture would dry on her body.


This bath has reduced the inflammation from the rash, given him coolness and relief and he has felt much better. I repeated the bath twice a day and in less than 3 days there is no trace of the rash left.

naturaleza muerta . dc.png

I hope you find my post useful, leave a comment if you have used this mixture before and what were the results?
Thanks for visiting my blog, see you next time.






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This natural recipe is very good. In previous opportunities I have used chamomile for skin irritations caused by the sun, and guava I have used in infusions for the flu and for the stomach, but I had not seen this mixture, surely it has a better effect, since both plants should complement each other, make synergy. I am sorry that your baby is of the Covid generation and is so isolated from Mother Nature, I guess it will be necessary to progressively adapt her to be in contact with plants and animals. Good post. Greetings.


If it is a progressive adaptation .... guava is also anti-inflammatory and with chamomile is the perfect combination.
Thank you very much for your appreciated comment. Regards.