My garden Journal, Month #1

Garden Journal, Month #1

Hello everyone! It is nice to come back here to tell you a little bit about how my life is evolving at this moment, my projects, thoughts, and more. In some previous posts, I have shared with you all that recently I moved to a new place with a backyard, and I guess that all of the time this place was uninhabited, nobody took care of the backyard, so it has been quite a journey to remove most of the weed and clean up a little bit to be able to plant and make the most of the space and think about new projects with it.

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In the pictures below you can see the changes I have been working on from one month ago, slowly but surely trying to accomplish my dream of having a nice garden, so for now I just chopped most of the big bushes of a common weed, and now it looks clear and my dogs feel free to run everywhere without getting tangled in some plant or even stung by some thorns some of those weeds had.

Diseño sin título (5).jpg

The plant that is at the back of the backyard, I assume that is some sort of palm since it has some common features with other types of palms I have seen, but I am not sure what's the exact name. If you happen to know the name of it, I encourage you to tell me in the comments, and gladly I would check it and get more information about how to take care of her. What I have done since I moved was to cut the dead leaves that were hanging from it, so now the plant has more space and it will not accumulate so many bugs and mollusks that were hidden under those dead leaves I took out. Next in the picture, I show you how it was vs how it is right now.

Diseño sin título (6).jpg

Since I removed the weeds and the dead leaves of the palm, I placed them on some corner in the backyard, the weeds inside of a box, and the leaves on the ground. I have been reading a lot about compost because it is the first time that I have space outdoors to start composting, but I have never done it and I wish to learn more and start making it soon. Even though I could have used this dead weed and leaves for compost, I am not ready yet, and I had to put everything in bags and throw it away, all of it.





I guess that it takes time to learn how to take care of a garden, because I have been reading about what type of plants I want to have, and it depends on the season also of course, and now that the spring will start here in the southern hemisphere, I am sure that I will find plenty of varieties of aromatic plants, florals, and fruity. I want to have aromatic plants that I can use in the kitchen, like basil (I love pesto and Italian food), rosemary, oregano, mint. I want fruity plants as well, like strawberries, and maybe some trees that maybe take some more time to grow like peaches, but I one some of those.

In my previous posts about sowing things, I show you what remains with me still from my old place, and is a couple of sprouts of the climbing plant Crataegus that I love so much, and they are so small, but I like that plant so I will take care of them with a lot of attention because I want them to become big and beautiful like the plant from where I took the berries.


I have a lot of paprika plants as well, and the big ones were really damaged in the winter, so maybe they will not survive long, but the small ones are just beginning to grow and I have hope they will reach the summer being healthy and productive.



I gave a tiny rose to my partner 2 weeks ago, which he loved, but after a couple of days of having the plant, we started to notice they began to get sick, so I started to read about roses and how to take care of them to make them survive. We changed them from the pot they were in when I bought them, and now that it is not so cold anymore, I have the hope that she will survive and get better and even be alive by next summer.


One of the plants that I decided to keep was lettuce that was here when we moved. Maybe we will have it on a salad soon because it looks very nice.


The last sprouts I will show you I am proud of the most because they are from some beautiful palms I saw next to our old place, and I think I planted them when it was still too cold in Buenos Aires so they did not sprout and I thought they would never germinate, but a couple of them did! and now I have my small sprouts from some of the most beautiful palm trees I have seen in my life, so I really want to take care of them and maybe wait for a couple of years to plant them somewhere special where I will be sure that they will live as long as they can.



If you took the time to check my post I thank you and greet you, and if you´re a gardener or a herbalist, please feel free to give me new ideas, tips, or any comment you want to give me, I would deeply appreciate it.

I send regards to all, I hope we will be in touch soon!



You are doing an excellent job of making the backyard of your new home productive, it is very rewarding work to be in touch with Mother Earth. That weed was ideal for feeding some earthworms. Later think if you can build a lumbricarium (I don't know if they will stand the winter). I invite you to read this post, which marks the path of this community. Best regards.


Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate it, I will read the post you sent me for sure. And also I will think about the lumbricarium!
Greetings to you my friend.


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