Prayers have no color, but when it brings color, life is filled with colours. Dtube lifetalk


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There is definitely something in this world that is controlling the whole universe. Even though we know him by different names but he is same for all. That invisible power looks at everyone with equal eyes. We also directly and indirectly pray to that invisible power for a good life. Sometimes our prayers are accepted and sometimes are not. The truth is that if we have faith in something, we must be honest. Sooner or later we will definitely get the result in a positive form. These prayers do not have any color, but whenever they bring color, life becomes colorful. We do not need to go to the temple, mosque or other religious place for prayer, rather the prayers should come straight from the heart. Wherever we are or whatever situation we are in. Remember, prayers are accepted even those who do not have hands or feet. So avoid bye pomp and go for prayer with a sincere heart.
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