RS: Adapting the rhythm to the new times


What's up friends!!

Thinking about the situation of my Rising Star account, several changes occurred in very short times and abruptly, in previous posts I commented a little about it, however now it seems that we may be in calmer times, although of course, one cannot It must be trusted, that's why I was thinking about some precautions to take to stay free of EGO, let me tell you.

One of the first things to review in my account was the time I spent completing the missions, this was due to various situations that kept me away from the computer, and my mobile phone was ruined and thus mission time was also lost. Another detail to consider is that I was doing more missions than music lessons, which meant that the EGO was climbing more than the skill and that soon the gap I maintained would be almost zero, plus it was time to open packs with the possibility of a sudden arrival of several fans.

So the first thing was to solve the EGO issue, so for a while I doubled my lessons, and now I do at least 2 lessons per day, along with this I prioritized Record Signing over the lessons, not that I have all the cards, but with The few that I have, I hope to get some more cards to participate in the Raves, since I was barely entering with 1 card (yes, only 1 card) to participate in each of the Raves since it started. By having several pizzas and pizza boxes, I can carry out short missions in which I have the possibility of refilling the used pizza boxes. The detail here is that drunk fans can also fall, so doing music lessons became a priority.

Regarding the opening of packs, I have done some with a regular arrival of fans, although I confess that I had a pack in which some transport and/or character epic arrived, but on this occasion they have been exceptional cases, I usually got common cards and rare but I can't complain because several times it resulted in microphone cards in favor of my lessons.

Captura de pantalla (37).png

Pixel art: learning little by little

The practice of pixel art is always present, whether I make complex figures or simple things, on this occasion I was practicing an animation technique with which not only the body of the character has movement, but also the clothes, achieving that effect was a bit difficult for me. complicated because I still lack mastery over lights and shadows. To do the practice I used the Lil Fly Rapper figure (post here), but in a smaller version different from the original card; after several tests and modifications, in the end I was left with the following animation:

There is still a long way to go in terms of animations and of course, it is also necessary to consolidate what I have learned about pixel art. Within RS I will be advancing as much as I can in terms of Skill to then resume a greater proportion of missions, I also hope to achieve some more cards in Record Signing even if they are only FA1 😆
What did you think of the animation? I will be attentive to the comments, good vibes!! 😉

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