This is my entry for the #monomad challenge: "Wind Surfers"

Wind Surfers

There is this special place near my hometown which is like the wind surfing paradise! It is a bay called Preluk. It is special for the special wind that we call tramontana. This wind blows almost every night, all year long. It starts in the evening, from approximately 20:00 h & finishes in the morning around 09:00 h. It is a constant mild wind which makes wind surfing or sailing very comfortable, easy & 100 % successful. That is why we have here the European & world wind surfing champion - Enrico Marotti ( I was thinking about shooting these moments for a very long time but I never woke up in time to come there with my camera. This time I was lucky cause I was camping there for a weekend with my girlfriend & her daughter & I had my camera with me so in the morning I finally got my chance to shoot them...







This is my entry to #monomad challenge. Thanks @monochromes for keeping up this great photo challenge! You can choose any of the photos from this post as an entry to the contest.

All the upper shots I made with Nikon D800 & Sigma 105 mm 1:2.8 DG MACRO HSM & for the self-portrait below I used Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70 mm lens.

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These look great! Didn't know there are places in the world where wind is accurately timed like that. (But I guess it makes sense, my Grandfather used to know the exact date of the year with just the moon.)

I !LUV Black&White photos, and the ones you posted have a good composition. Are they edited in another way other than removing color?

Have a !PIZZA