Monomad : Charmides

#monomad today features Charmides as I call him. A young and cheerful fellow. I asked him how he got the nickname and he told me it was from a book by Plato. I mean Plato sounds like Greek.

For a guy like me who loved greek mythology, I never saw this coming. Plato was more of philosophy and education while mythology was the fun stories associated with the gods.

We tried to create a moody setup like one that I had seen in a movie, three moods like Sober, Smile and Stress though. I used a single AD600 and a 160cm softbox. Yeah it was really big and it made my other light by the side inconsequential. 80cm softbox and a speedlite.

A very handsome man he is, we did take a few shots (as in photographs) and I edited this few ones.

My editing process involved Camera Raw corrections, retouching and dodging and burning (the most important of them all for me).

A little bit of sharpening and gaussian noise at the end. I thought it would look better like that.

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