New Hive blockchain game dCrops - Why you should play it too πŸ”₯


Hey everyone,

There are a lot of great blockchain games out there and now there's a new one: dCrops. I just started playing but I still want to share my experience with you and tell you why you should play it too.


What is dCrops?

I actually heard about it from @seeyouinlumb. He created a free Splinterlands tournament and wrote his ref link in the description (actually a pretty smart move).

But now to game itself: The idea behind dCrops is pretty simple but still brilliant: You plant seeds into your land plots and once they've grown enough you receive shares which you can use to climb up the leaderboard an get rewarded.


Of course you can only plant those seed you own and you also need land, so you can cultivate your sprouts. You can buy these on the market or you can purchase alpha packs which can contain some nice cards.

I actually bought some packs and I'm really happy with the cards I've got. The whole pack opening experience is really nice to be honest and it is really exciting to see your new cards. I actually got a bit addicted and may have bought a few more packs πŸ˜…


There are different seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) and you can only plant the cards of plants that belong to the specific season. So for example you can only plant cauliflower in spring. Some plants require more time to grow and some need less time but it is really fun to see your farmland and wait for your plants to sprout.

How to start?

You can login easily with your Hive account. Because you don't have any land or seeds in the beginning you have to buy packs. 1 or 2 might be enough to get started (you have to get at least one farm plot) and one pack costs $2. I know games that require an investment in the beginning can be unappealing but I really like the game and I think it is worth it.


Why you should start playing now

  1. Alpha packs are still available, so you shouldn't sleep on them. Who knows how expensive they may get if the game gets really popular
  2. The reward pool decreases by 0.5% every season, so the best way to earn CROP (the ingame currency) is by start playing right now


I know I didn't explained the game in detail but I hope I could show what the game is all about. If you want to find out more take a look at @dcrops account, especially their introdution post.

You can also find out more on their website (I used my ref link, would be appreciated if you'd use it. Otherwise here's the "normal" link: dCrops).

Hope to see you in the game and stay healthy πŸ™Œ

Cheers ✌