Hand Made Argentina Futbol - Key Chain


Another of my hand sculpted coin presented here on Hive.


I take a fifty-peso coin from the World Cup Championship and carve out the insides, turning it into a hand crafted delight.

Prices are based on the cost of the coin, plus labor in crafting them into a true three dimensional work of art. Based in San Telmo - Buenos Aires - Argentina, we have been selling these items here on Particl for over two years.


For size comparison, here it is in my hand - The size is about the same as a US quarter.

Considering the cost of the coin plus my time to craft it into a piece of jewelry, I am asking twenty-eight dollars worth of Hive, HBD, or PART, plus three dollars for shipping ($6.00 for Express).

To purchase on Particl, simply comment below and I will run an ad over there. This allows you to have the protection of escrow services. Make sure to let me know if you want it shipped as simple international mail or express international - with tracking number.

In case you want tracking, they do request your email address and phone number. They promise six to ten days depending on what country you live in.

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