Let's see BRO dividends for last week along with APR


Hello everybody . Hope you all are doing great .

We know that whoever is holding BRO will receive dividends in various tokens everyday but in this post we shall see in bit detail how many users receive it and what is the dividends value when converted to Hive .

I have taken the data from 13th to 19th September for this post .

Tokens sent to users daily for holding BRO

Totally 12 tokens are sent from 8 different BRO accounts everyday to users holding BRO .

The 12 tokens are -

  1. CINE
  2. SIM
  3. PAL
  5. STEM
  6. SPS
  8. BEE
  9. SPT
  10. LEO
  11. WEED
  12. LOTUS

Now the quantity of each token sent out to users differs but from 13th to 19th , the following quantity has been transferred from BRO accounts .


SPS is doing great in recent days , we all know how much craze and attention Splinterlands has right now on Hive . BRO is also helping Splinterlands ( and Hive ) indirectly by distributing it to all BRO holders.

Although absolute value wise NEOXAG is the highest , we gotto look at these quantity in terms of Hive to get a better picture .

Hive payouts Symbol wise


I have taken the Hive price of each token to get this .

Now although NEOXAG was leading the first chart , it is not the case when we convert it to HIVE.

SPS is the biggest payout in terms of HIVE . 828 HIVE worth of SPS has been paid out to users holding BRO .

LEO comes in the second place followed by others . NEOXAG actually is in 4th from last place because of its low HIVE value .

Users who received the highest payouts


@chronocyrpto has received tokens worth 124 HIVE in 7 days period for holding BRO . That is like over 60$ at current rate .

Let us calculate APR too

Now let us calculate APR by using @chronocrypto example .

He received 124 HIVE worth of tokens from BRO in 7 days . So in a year he should get 124 * 52 = 6448 HIVE .

He holds 7601 BRO as of today.
1 BRO right now is 5.25 HIVE so

  • (6448/ (7601 * 5.25))*100 which is equal to 16.15% .

16% APR is great isn't it?

Things to note

All the above calculation are based on current HIVE price of each token and current price of BRO token in HIVE . The APR increases / decreases based on changes in price of each token .

That's it from me today , we will be back tomorrow again .

Regards ,
BROFUND Analysis team .


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 75 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


Did you know that you can earn 23% APR on CCC delegations to the Creative Coin Fund (@cccf)? And, thanks to the Fund, the price of CCC has remained relatively stable for the past 6 months, trading between .003 and .006 Hive. We're turning CCC into a investment token, on top of being an arts token! I'd love to see BRO distributing CCC. It's trading higher than a couple of the tokens you're distributing; why not get into it?

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Thanks for sharing this! I didn't know, I undelegated my stake of CCC a few days ago, will use it for this once it's back :)