Can HIVE pump to $1 and beyond


Can hive really pump up to $1 and beyond again ? It is one question that so many keep asking but no has a answer

At the time of writing this Hive Market cap is $196,298,434 which is very small when it comes to cryptocurrency Market caps

currently Hive is Ranked 130 on coinmarketcap

The current 24 hour volume is $6,396,144 source

Hive is a powerful concept that has a lot of potential right now it does not seem to be working right this is the main reason we are struggling to find new long term investors & users we only have a few whales right now & if they all decided to power down & sell hive would be finished it would hard to come back

Hive has the power to change the world we just need to take the right steps

Hive has changed the lives or some but many still live the same life

Hive whales need to spread the love around a bit more

I have one question for you all What would you change about Hive ? my answer equal votes for all

One more question how high do you think the price of hive could reach by 2030 ? my answer $4

What is the most you have made on one post while posting on Hive ? my answer pointless

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