Bitcoin $50k $100k $250k ? $1 million


We hive seen the whole market take a major dump Bitcoin along with all other cryptos we all know that the big cryptos should survive but many will fail & struggle

Bitcoin will come back for sure it has to much money in it to fail but as they say anything can happen in crypto

Do you think Bitcoin can make it to $50k $100k $250k or higher in the years to come me personally i believe it could hit a million for one one day

Over the years so many have held & not sold so many have held & sadly passed away all crypto lost others have lost keys some have thrown out computers phones etc so many bitcoins are lost forever & it will continue to happen

Bitcoin is the ultimate one It has changed a lot of lives & will continue to do so I wish i would have invested long ago

A question for you all when did you first hear about crypto

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