Divine Sorceress My Splinterlands Fan-art for Week 197

Hi everyone😊

How are you there? Today I'm going to share again my @splinterlands fan-art for this week, it is the Epic Card from Life Unit, The Divine Sorceress.

I wish you like my work, happy reading 😊.

DS 012.png


Divine Sorceress.pngDivine SorceressA Divine Sorceress, among her many psychic powers, can completely block out pain. The Order of the Silver Shield has put these skilled mages to good use in their spy missions. If captured, the Sorceress holds up extremely well to torture, then uses her magic to escape, destroying her captors.


Software Used: Sketchbook App 🖌️

Here is my semi cleaned sketch for my artwork. We watched Dr.Strange yesterday so I decided to do the Dr.Strange finger style when casting his spell.
DS 2.png

Adding swatches swatches.
DS 3.png

Adding the base colors. 😊
DS 4.png

Then let the brushes to their thing 🖌❤️🖌
DS 5.png

DS 6.png

DS 7.png

After that, this time I added the magic energy coming from her magic staff or what do you call that.
DS 9.png

More magic power..
DS 010.png

I also added highlights reflecting from her magic power.
DS 011.png

And then finally the background, I just mixed some random color to create a simple background.
DS 012.png

If you are still reading this, let me say Thank You. I hope you like this simple artwork of mine ,have a great day everyone.



Nice looking manga vibe you got there. Keep it up!