Why Taking A Risk Is Important...

As time goes on we realise there's little time to doing valuable things in which we decide on not doing irrelevant things. There was a time when play used to be the most important part of our lives especially when we were kids, we all just want to meet out with friends or try out incredible weird things and in this case this would just be that we are inquisitive. With time, we learn to do important things with a straight decision.
Growing up, risk has not really been a thing for kids because if they wanted to do something, anything no matter how ridiculous it is, they go after it and do it and there's less consequences due to the fact they are kids. Being an adult and being a kid are just two opposite entities with two daring beings.

I'd always like to think that we are going to be who we are regardless of what or who we claim to be except we decide to change in entirety. As kids risk is thought of less but as adults, it's difficult because we simply have to weigh the options and go for what we think is best and most times we act rationally and some other times, irrationally.


There's nothing that isn't worth the risk because if not so, we'd not leave our beds in the morning and take the bus, ride the bicycle, take the train, book our flights due to accidents we've read or even been involved in or had near experiences. This is all where risk comes from which means it's only part of our lives to do what's important.
As humans, we prefer enjoyment and of course it should be considered everytime.

The wealth and rich didn't get to where they are just by doing the usual norm. It might be as a result of a high paying job that may begin the influx of huge cash flow but at the end, it's only what we do to keep the money always around that makes us feel more superior to ourselves of course.
Waking up everyday to doing the same thing for continuous and productive change is worthwhile and should always be held in high esteem. Not even going to talk of anyone but myself is only a decision that is worth considering, taking the risk and not just that, being committed that it's all worthwhile is what makes me happy till date. I can only but say that the power is entirely in our hands to cause any positive change in our lives of we take a risk and remain committed to it till results suffice.
Getting to the top requires it's own sacrifice and doesn't come cheap as we have to pay the price to the last.

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