Ups And Downs: The Learning Trajectory

The first path to growth is the willingness to open minded in learning what is necessary that would always put themselves ahead of where they used to be. There's a certainty that growth sometimes is slow as the result for efforts isn't visible for one to note that they are making progress because progress is a big path to recognizing the fact that one is moving forward towards a goal. Loving through life, there's no assurance of making it in a specific line of work but that willingness to excel remains undeniable. The fact is that life is hard and should be considered worth living daily and living life with a big smile. You might have heard that one needs to remain positive in all they do and obviously the right things and just because you are hardworking or willing to put in the right efforts day in and day out, doesn't guarantee the fact that one would excel immediately but time would always have the better part.

I like to think that we go through all that we do both the good and the bad just to learn the lessons that remain important. What is the lesson to be learnt after the required effort have been put into realizing what one wants. Life is not just a bed of rose that because we want A, we realize A, life takes us through different directions to learn what is necessary and mistakes are a big part of it but what do one learn after making a mistake. When one falls seven times, they need to rise eight times. There's no end to learning because inasmuch as we believe we know a lot, there are a lot of new things we never realise exist are out there for us to learn.

Ups and downs are what makes us who we are, the strong willed and able person's ready to walk through life daily knowing there are challenges but those challenges can't hold us down. Appreciate every moment that life brings our way everytime and learn what's important and despise the irrelevant.

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