Overhauling The System

The best thing that ever happens to humanity is whenever there's a change in course from the usual norm that keeps occuring overtime and have stood it's ground as what's right. It is just the same because nothing better has ever taken a turn to beat the system that has kept people into believing strongly that it is supreme. The fact is that today, there's an outright change into what we believe and hold strongly, the fact remains that change is always constant and that has happened in all all industries.
There's a significant change that has being taking place in the last decade which certainly has made the future (today) better. You know for a fact that change is slow and many at times we would do our best to stop change.


Cryptocurrency certainly has changed the financial world and has brought out an option that stands superior to the fiat system that we were brought up with. There's nothing wrong with change except it has serious consequences.
Robotics and machines have changed the production industry even though it causes loss in jobs, there isn't need for alarm because one can learn skills that would put them in a better position. The introduction of machines and robotics has made job easier and efficient to do because in many cases, it's where people can't go or jobs that people find it difficult to do that theses machines are used.
There's nothing short of greed that envelopes the mind of men.

Crypto has been a Haven to many that seek to be amongst the few that what something different. The fall of banks from their height to the point where they are like Silicon Valley Bank has been an unbelievable ordeal that is now believed because the banks have been a torn in the skin and quite honestly we don't know what goes down there because certainly money is always printed to be added to the supply and people's money are used as collateral or leverage to step up banks personal gain without giving substantial dime to people that put there trust in the system. No don't get it all wrong about crypto because it's all in the hands of the investors to DYOR. It all deals with money so we'd have to be careful where our money goes to prevent the worse that could happen.
Crypto just gives control over ones wealth as you can control and decide where to channel your funds unlike the banks that do the controlling themselves without having the customer at heart.

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