Know Thyself

I'm just head over heels with myself, lol.
I don't even seem to understand myself many a times but you just got to love you.
There are events that are inevitable, just the same way you can't run from yourself.
Is it possible?
All options are opened so you just have to open up.
One of the popes back then can't recall his name said, "open the window, let fresh air come."


The world is wider than whatever perspective it is viewed and in the same light, the world is a small place.
No matter where you go, it's certain that one person must always be with you (yourself).

At a point in time we just realise there's no one there and what's left is the back to be relied on.
I'd give it to you with all convictions, if it can be denied.
The best thing I could do is to know who I am and still it feels like I have a lot to know.
On other days, I feel like I don't know me (really I don't).
What do you think?
I should not have written that.
What I see are just contradictions, just as Malcolm X told Bumpy Johnson in the series, Godfather of Harlem, " standstill and think about who you really are, maybe if you let go of who you think you are, you could make room for who you were meant to be."

Those words I had to rewind the movie to scribble those words.
It's just blessings that we are able to learn what's important for our own path.
There's always a way for who searches, really?
I'd prefer for those who seek but what would be the difference?
We just have decisions to make at every possible in time. What's best is best.

Good things aren't cheap, cheap things aren't good.
Strong words with fact.
Which are you first then there's light on the words.
Not necessarily money rather it's of value, which would always suffice. The need to have it all with the determination of making who you were yesterday to teach who's going to work today.

Know who you are and reveal who's appropriate for the moment just be certain to be the best.
When the best is best, it can't be depleted.
Tap in to know thyself meditation, self love, self care however way possible, just get in path with thy self.

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