Investing In Crypto Without Taking Profit

There's one thing for sure that everyone wants and that's always to keep growing and there are different stages for growth as it affects everyone. For some growth comes slow and for others it's more rapid but whatever the case may be, we don't stop at where we are and accept what comes but do our best to always have more. I've invested my time on hive writing especially in my first year and some course in the second year. Since I clocked three years on the blockchain some three weeks ago which reminds me to say a happy new month.
I haven't invested in any crypto project with money except when I started being more inquisitive about crypto in 2018 and it was fun even when I didn't know what I was doing and in 2022, I took my investment out without knowing if I was in profit or loss just to survive the day at the time. I only realise today especially as I write that writing ones entry point would help to make better use of ones investment.


Here on hive, my investment has been in writing a post and earning author rewards which has amounted to over $2k and truth is that presently, I'm powered down for the past 8 weeks and getting losses because today, the little amount serve their purpose. One thing I know is not to regret my actions because they have consequences. Hive has an all time of over $3 and today hanging over 40 cents. If one knows how crypto works then they ought to be patient enough to wait for that price tag again but on the other when one doesn't have any other means, they take what they have now and make the best out of it.

By no means would anyone invest in crypto without the hope of taking profits except they have no idea what they are doing. Crypto has always been a volatile place to invest money because of the uncertainty of the market and at the same time, crypto has been the one financial aid that stands tall against fiat despite what is being said or the control or regulations that has been put over it.

Thanks for visiting my blog till next time.