If Money Isn't Everything Then What Is?

The power that money hold is a strong energy that one has control over, I've read books countless time trying to get the right formula or exposure of secret. The lifestyle that is lived by those that have held money for a long time is just an epitome of not letting go because it would be a grievous loss for generation and when I think about it, it all points to Nigerian economy which have been monopolized. Everyone wants control of it all even though they can't have it all but they have a huge chunk of the circulating wealth as it is enough to have a piece of the pie.

I'm trying to get as much perspective as there is pertaining money and seeing through, money is good and never evil. It all depends on what the beholder of it does that determined what it is, money is just simply a tool.


If money isn't everything, then what is?
At the first thought I would say knowledge because it's a great determining factor to see what the future holds, knowledge is knowing what and what to do when there's nothing, little or surplus. No one would want to have a a whole bunch of knowledge but doesn't have money to back it up with. I've said to myself that I wouldn't be poor but so far it is playing the normal routine I constantly know, that's not always having. Money is good and helps to get so many things in place just like taking us up one step the upper rung of the ladder.

Knowledge is what I'd say stands taller than money because once money is gotten what one does with is is what determimes the outcome of the day whether good or bad as it may be. One wrong decision or one wrong investment can take one from a 100 to nothing. Money just doesn't lie and grow on its own but what we do right with money that determined if truly money is everything. Money isn't everything but the beholder is everything.

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