Best Money Advice Ever Gotten

What hasn't been said about money both the good and the bad and everyone has something to say about money based on their belief on how they've used it to operate. It's a fact that either you control your money or your money controls you and the force behind money is a very powerful one that needs to be possessed to have full control over it. One belief about money that I've heard about and remains funny to me is that money doesn't bring happiness and this has got me cracked up in so many ways because I guess the owner of that word had some serious issues of some sort. Trying to think over it now, I guess that word originated when there was still value in the economy and the littlest amount you have can buy you all you need but today, money actually brings happiness except you are down health wise as they say, * health is wealth.*

My quest of money has led me to read numerous books and surely not up to a hundred but the knowledge that has been gained has been remarkably tremendous. Although at this point of my life, I'd just need an amount to start moving up the rung of the ladder of money as there's no doubt that Rome wasn't built in a day. Moving up means climbing every step and being patient and understanding efficient because a miss step could be fatal.


Due to the fact that I've read some books although can't remember the one in particular or the author but in my mind it keeps ringing repeatedly non-stop and to get it all ready is to actually have a high paying job which would help in making it all possible.
My best money advice is ISS - Invest, Save and Spend. It looks simple but truly takes a lot of consciousness to make it happen as challenges appear every now and then to cut the flow of how we'd actually want to get things done.

  1. Investing is very interesting because it actually guarantees a safe future whereby you know that 10, 15 years time one can reap the fruit of their patience and consistency. Investing takes time and we have to make our due diligence because it's risky especially when you invest money in the wrong things. For me, I've so far invested my money in knowledge because no one can take whet I have in my memory from me, most times especially when I have no money and feeling down, the fact that what I hold in my head is just what exudes my self-confidence because I know that there's Hope in the future. Crypto has been an interesting place to invest money and we know how risky it is because when one doesn't do their research well enough, all their money goes down the drain because most owners of crypto projects are out there to just scam people of their hard earned money. Many have businesses that they want to dive into, it is simply to take your time and get all fact straight because money is hard to get but very easy to get exhausted.

  2. Saving used to be my primary goal because that was how I grew up and observed those around me deal with their money and I'd say it's the most common for all. It surely is the second money advice which used to be the first. Investing only creates more money overtime while saving just gives you the same amount of money that has been kept overtime. After investment, it's very necessary to always save because investment isn't for takes but for 10 years time and savings can always help for unforseen situations that need immediate attention.

  3. Spending is the best activity of everyone especially when it's pay day. The mind is so powerful that it subconsciously reminds us about all the good things that we need. Funny enough, when we begin spending, there's never enough to invest or save, you end up either investing and not saving or saving and not investing. When two out of three is done, that's not the way to go. We know what we want and know how best to utilize or resources. In as much as today is important, tomorrow is more important.

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