Cameo : The Graveyard For Famous People.


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I asked the brother in law over Christmas dinner what ever happened to the band known as The Darkness. Their Christmas song was playing called "Don't let the bells end". And it is actually quite a good Christmas song as Christmas songs go. But the Darkness rose to stardom with one song called "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" and it went to number one around Europe in 2004. They were around for around 6 months and then gonzo, puff (no pun intended :-D) off the face of the earth. They popped up ten years later down the local pub in my small town in Tipperary Ireland and to call them washed up was an understatement. Imagine doing a stadium tour in front of thousands of fans there to see your band and sing along to your songs.Then 10 years later there is 50 Irish drunk lads in a pub laughing at your leotard. Christ all mighty.
Anyway I asked the brother in law whatever happened to them to stir up conversation.
Well your man Justin Hawkins is on Cameo apparently he replied.

I kept eating my turkey eager to find out what this Cameo website was about so I checked it out and it's basically a website where famous people send you a personalized message for money. So say it's your wife's birthday and she liked Jedward back a few years ago. For a princely sum of €400, Jedward will send your wife a happy birthday video message. And just like my whole body shudders.

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Scrolling through cameo was like walking through the intensive care ward in the hospital. These actors, singers, TV personalities , sports stars have stooped so low that they are resorting to this. Selling their souls for the Queens Shilling. I always wondered if soap stars were paid well. Clearly not. But for €50 a pop sending someone a personalized message must be a fairly lucrative business for some of these washed up has beens. I kind of felt sorry for them.

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Now you may have notices in their featured section a certain Brian Cox who is probably the most A-List Man On TV right now as a result of the hit Sky Drama Succession. I was very surprised to see him there but the reviews (Yes you can write reviews ) suggest that he isn't really giving a shit.
But I wouldn't give a shit myself.
The amount of Love Islanders and X Factor stars on there is ridiculous. But for all my giving out and moaning about the website I did find one actor that I would love to send a birthday message to one of my friends.
Keith from the UK office.

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The laughing myself and my friend done at this clip, I will never forget being in college in absolute knots watching the Office so I am gonna get Keith real name Ewen to send my mate an old birthday message in April. I will pay extra for the Scotch Egg.

So I have slagged off Cameo for the last 3 minutes of my life but yet I have the credit card out and I am currently putting in the last 3 digits of my CVC number to sign up so I am a hypocrite really and I have no problem with that. I am the type of person that Cameo are targeting.

So I will put the question onto you. Who would you like to pay to send someone a personalized message. Now most of you are miserable old gits and would peel an orange in your pocket. Hypothetically speaking who would you get and why?