A six pieces long gown with flowing tail I made for my client to wear as a chief bridesmaid at a wedding.

Hello hiveians

Happy last Sunday of the month to you all and I hope you will go give God the quality thanks he deserves for keeping you thus far.


Well, as my doing, I'm here this beautiful morning to share with you this simple but beautiful six pieces long gown i made with excessive flowing tail for my client who is to be a chief bridesmaid at her sister's wedding ceremony.

The fabric was sent to me by her sister as well as her measurement, so, let's get started with the cutting and sewing process.

First, I folded the fabric in two with my desired wideness of each of the flare at the hem, so I used 7" on fold and I marked out the nipple distance measurement which was measured as 8" on fold 4" which I marked out from the waistline to the knee length after deducting my upper bodice length from the full length, from the knee length, I came out and connected to the the hem of the full length I measured, the center front was placed on another folded fabric to cut out the center back which is tow pieces only with the difference of 1" zipper allowance and 12" longer than the front piece.



Next, I folded the fabric in two again to cut out the two sides front, I place the center front on the folded fabric, measured 9" from the waistline to the hip line and 9" from the hip line to the knee line then I measured the horizontal measurement with the deduction of 4" of the center front I cut out earlier and finally I placed the side front on another folded fabric to cut the remaining two side back with 12" length longer.


The upper bodice was cut out using the upper bodice measurement, I inserted a bust dart to avoid gapping at the armhole area and because it's a stretchy material.



I cut out facing for the front and back neckline to have a neat finishing



Sewing process

The 3 front panel were sewn together the center front and the two sides front after which the the four were also sewn, one center back and one side back the two were sewn separately for zipper allowance, all the panels wer sewn together having the back panels longer than the front panels.



The upper bodice were also sewn together and added to the lower part and I have a beautiful gown

Lastly, I placed the two sides panels together to trimmed the side front and back with a curve to the center back.

That was so simple

To bring out the beauty of it and not to leave it plain, I bought an applique and added to the bust area.

This is what i finally have


I intend to add a small simple sleeve to it.

I was told not to make it flashy, so I had to keep it simple.

Thanks for stopping by and for taking out time to read my post, have a blessed Sunday.