Unleash the Roar of the Angry Big Bad Lions on OpenSea


Hello everyone welcome it is March 2nd and we've got something very special for you today! We've just added some new lions to our Angry Big Bad Lions to our OpenSea collection and they are sure to bring a roar to your heart!

Unfortunately, over the last few days, we have noticed some downvotes on our posts recently they have stopped now, but we are still actively tracking the downvoters and others. We are also keeping a record of all the abuse happening on Hive, such as vote buying, self-voting, alt accounts, and spam comments. At Bilpcoin we believe on Hive It's a whole lot worse than we initially thought it was so much going down behind the scenes.

Angry Big Bad Lions 21

Angry Big Bad Lions 22

Angry Big Bad Lions 23

Angry Big Bad Lions 24

At Bilpcoin we have our own Ai content detector and more at our disposal we have an active team who work 24 hours a day

At Bilpcoin we need your help to spread the word and let everyone know about our wild-roaring collection. So if you have a moment to spare take a look and consider sharing it with your friends and family also share it on all Web 2 and web 3 sites. any and all your support would be appreciated!

Let's have some fun and share the love - it's time to get ANGRY and make our Big Bad Lions a roaring success! So come on, let's do this!

Hive is meant to be decentralized but it's not It's controlled by a few people

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