Unleash the Bark of the Angry Big Bad Bull Dogs on OpenSea


Hello Gems Community Hello Hive Community Hello Bilpcoin Community It's March 1st at Bilpcoin We're so excited to share our brand-new additions to our collection of Angry Big Bad Bulldogs with you all! These NFTs are gonna be the talk of the town and web, and they'll bring a smile to your face and happiness to your heart.

The whole of Hive knows that we've been receiving downvotes for the past few days we have had no help, but at Bilpcoin we won't let that stop us. We're gonna keep on posting and saving all the wrongdoings we've experienced, and we'll report if needed. We believe that Hivewatcher, Hivewatchers, Spaminator, Guiltyparties, and Patrice are part of the biggest farm on Hive, so do your research and look deep and you'll find the truth. We'll slowly be releasing our findings on all web 2 and web 3 sites, and we'll only stop once the downvotes stop.

Angry Big Bad Bull Dogs 5

Angry Big Bad Bull Dogs 6

Angry Big Bad Bull Dogs 7

Angry Big Bad Bull Dogs 8

We need your help to spread the word about our Angry Big Bad Bulldogs collection and the abuse we've received. When you have got a minute or two, please take a look at our angry Bulldog collection and consider sharing it with your friends and family to help us at Bilpcoin spread the word with the world. Support is greatly appreciated, so maybe consider buying one - we can do you a discount!

Let's have some fun and share the love - thank you for your help in making our Angry Big Bad Bulldogs successful!