Giant teddy-bear not a scary monster.

Today I thought I would introduce you all to a dog I have been looking after for the last few months.


Boss is a French mastiff x Red nosed pitbull. He is big, strong and nothing more than a giant puppy. I have never met a more gentle dog in my life.
Boss currently weighs about 60kg or 130 lbs and his new best friend is mine and Lydias little puppy Sassy, who weighs 2.5 kg or 5.5 lbs. Sassy and boss love playing together and are the best of friends regardless of the size difference. He is always so gentle with her and lays down when they play to make sure he doesn't accidentally squash her. She however is very rough with him and bites his face skin and mouth with her sharp little puppy teeth.

Boss and Sassy meeting for the first time

savage dog fight!!!

two types of people

there are two types of people around when we take him/them for a walk. Those who think he is beautiful and those who stay as far away as possible. I understand there are people with a fear of dogs and people who have had bad experiences. But I also know that some of the time it's because of the type of dog he is and not because he's a dog.

Big strong dogs, bully breeds and even greyhounds have historically gotten a fairly bad wrap but in reality they are generally the sweetest most loving dogs around. The problem is they are capable of doing a lot of damage and if you don't give them a loving caring environment or train them well is when issues arise.

all he wants is food and cuddles

Boss's story.

Boss is currently just over a year old. He came to live with us 3 months ago for what was supposed to be a short period (think one or two weeks)
His owner was going through a hard time and was homeless and needed someone to look after him. If he couldn't find anyone he was going to a shelter.


I know we weren't set up to take on a dog like that which is why we had never gotten one. I love dogs but I'm also responsible and without a properly secured yard and the time to train them and give them what they deserve I was not going to get a dog like that.
But I thought a week isn't too bad. He will have to stay on a long lead and he couldn't come inside because he wasn't toilet trained but I thought "better than sitting in a shelter".

Time sort of passed and before I knew it it had been 3-4 weeks and I was meant to be going on holiday for a couple of weeks. I contacted his dad but he was in no better of a position to take him so we ended up booking him into the local kennels. This isn't cheap but I had no other options as his owner couldn't find anywhere and he was currently my responsibility.

When we got back from holidays he was his usual happy self and everyone at the kennels said how lovely and sweet he was. A week later he starts showing signs of being sick and vomited. Took him to the vet and long story short he had a parasite and got very sick and cost me another $1500 in vet bills.
But he was happy and healthy and back at our house.

sad boy at the vet

At this point it has been 3 months since he has been with us and there is no sign he will be going back to his dad. He keeps telling me he has work and this and that but nothing ever comes of it and yet i see his social media and him drinking and smoking and having a great time.

I love him but I regret it.

I have really come to love this dog. He truly is a beautiful creature and wants nothing more than to be close to you and cuddle. If I could I would happily keep him forever but it is terribly unfair on him.

I regret taking him because as much as I have come to love him so has my other dog Sassy, but more than that he loves us now. We are his family and it's going to make him so sad when we leave him.
It's unfair on him and us.


It truly annoys me when people get animals they can't look after. Most of them don't even look into their requirements before they get them. He would of been a cute ass puppy and they thought "yea I want him" and now 9 months later he just got dropped on us.

They deserve better than to be shuffled around like a collectable.

His future

We were planning on moving to an apartment by the coast, somewhere that would not suit him at all. We have been looking for a new home for him, somewhere he will be loved for all of his life and can live out his days happy.

I have been in contact with multiple shelters who say they would find him a home within a week but the thought of him sitting somewhere in a cage breaks my heart so I am trying to privately adopt him out first.

His dad still wants him back but at this point he owes me about $2000 and regardless I don't trust he will care for him.
I mean, he has been here 3 months and not even a visit. The last time he messaged me was to ask to borrow money and not once ask about the dog.


Me and Lydia will find you a loving home boss. We got you now Buddy.


Nawwww look at his big derpy grin I love him already XD

Except when I'm writing stories I have mostly given up trying to "get" some people -_-