Building the new house at the wildlife rescue.


As a few people know my family runs a wildlife rescue and retreat. Almost 2 years ago now the house on the property burnt to the ground and many animals that were inside died. As it was winter most of the reptiles were in their indoor enclosures, the only animals to survive were a snake, a crocodile and the farm animals that were in their "paddock".

Our family dog, my cat, 3 baby crocodiles, many snakes and lizards and many more were lost. Some were loved pets we had had for years, others were rescues who were being rehabilitated or raised for release, all are dearly missed and never forgotten.

New front of house

I live with my partner Lydia on a property nearby but since the fire my mum and stepdad who run the place have been living in a tiny bungalow on the property that the firefighters managed to save. It is not an ideal living situation for them especially with the animals they care for. My stepdad also runs a construction business so needs room for tools/equipment etc.

Front of house, the large window is the master bedroom.

It took a long time for them to get their insurance sorted and even longer to get the permits to rebuild but we began construction about 8 months ago and are finally making some pretty good headway.
It has been almost entirely done by my stepdad and myself (more him than me), minus the few trades and services we legally have to employ like a plumber, electrician, excavator.

Excuse the mess, it has been cleaned a bit since the picture

It has been a rough ride for them for the past few years which sucks because they're both very good people who do a lot for their community, I can't wait for them to be able to move into their new home and finally have some space and freedom again. They had always planned to renovate the old house which was 160+ years old but not quite to the extent of a full rebuild but since it was demolished anyway they have been able to design and build their dream home.

It is currently at rough-in stage, next we start plastering and finish the exterior cladding.

The designs and ideas come mostly from my mum and then my step-dad has to try and make them work the poor man, but he's done a good job and I think she will definitely be happy when its finished.

I am hoping that after Christmas work will slow down, the house will be done and I will have more time to post again.
Will definitely put up some more pictures once construction is complete!