What questions will you ask on a first date?



I was glancing through my status and I came across a very funny one.

It was a simple question and the question was

what questions will you ask on a first date?

So many questions popped ranging from serious ones like long term goals to funny one's like how mad can you be.

Some year's back I used to feel these questions were not necessary but in recent times, I see reasons why these questions should be asked.

A lot of times people are tempted to give a false picture of themselves on dates but I feel it gives us a basis to judge certain things be it false or true.

I feel there are certain things I should ask on a first date.
Most of it will be questions that will try to reflect the state of their mind and how they think.

After thinking of this question, I thought of long term goals, I thought of life plans, I thought of spirituality.

The questions on a first date in my opinion should be questions that reflect a whole lot about a person and how much work has been done as regards self-development.

The reason for this is that a lot of people think that people can make them happy while true happiness comes from within.

I mean if you are happy by yourself, you can only give off happiness.

You will be surprised that a lot of people are not happy. According to WHO, depression happens to be the leading cause of disability among adults. It is also worth noting 5% of the world's population suffers from depression.

This translates to 5 in every 100 adults. This is crazy!!

After all these things, I feel most of my questions on a first date will be questions that will push me to know the state of mind of the person in question.

That being said, I think my very first question will be

what makes you happy?

This question looks so simple but in my opinion, it goes a long way in knowing how a person is.

It is also a question that most people answer casually and hence, lying and pretending might be minimal.

Another question might be long term goals cos I don't think it's all about the physical looks alone. I feel for two people to go far, their goals should be in line with each other.

I also feel that once people have goals that are in tandem with each other, they can both work towards that goal.

That's all for my thoughts today.

So what question will you ask on your first date?


“Where do you see yourself in 5 years “
That would be the first question I would ask on a date